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How does a barista make espresso? Freshly ground coffee is placed into the portafilter of the espresso machine and pressed down with a tamper.

In K-fee capsules, thanks to their ingenious design, this process is replicated by the special capsule shape and a number of technical innovations to create the perfect espresso capsule after capsule.

We call that Smart Brew.

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With a great range of branded K-fee capsules, everyone in your office or home will find their favourite drink.

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What is K-fee®?

Whatever warm drink you fancy, you can look forward to a real treat. The K-fee capsule system is a broad concept where each individual element makes an important contribution:

  1. The capsule contents – because wonderful drinks depend on excellent coffee, tea and other ingredients.
  2. The sophisticated K-fee capsules, developed at the same time as the capsule machines.
  3. The capsule machines with their cutting-edge technology.
  4. Accessories that round off your indulgent moment.

K-fee Capsules

Selection of K-fee coffee, tea, hot chocolate and milk capsules.

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Espresso coffee sourced from Ethiopian's farms. Each capsule is packed with fine, floral and zesty citrus flavours coffee.

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Fine arabica beans from the uplands of South America and South East Asia which has a berry-like and aromatic flavour.

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Harmoniously balanced decaffeinated arabica coffee from South America which has fruity and fresh notes with nutty sweetness.

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The unusually fine selection of black tea which has a harmonious, powerful and full-bodied flavour.

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The finest fairtrade certified cocoa beans used to create a chocolate with amazing chocolaty taste and creamy texture.

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A milk capsule for mixing in coffee, cappuccino or tea. This capsule gives you hot milk foam, allowing you to try out new creations.

K-fee Capsule Machines

Best capsule machines for home, office or any stylish place with demand for hot drinks.

K-fee WAVE

Ideal for a quick decision: the best-selling K-fee capsule machine.

Is the K-fee WAVE the ideal machine for me?
  • Ideal all-round capsule machine
  • The best-selling K-fee capsule machine
  • Ideal as a design highlight in the kitchen, office or meeting room
  • Ideal for everyone who loves variety: height-adjustable drip tray
  • Ideal for those with relatively little space: only 15 cm wide
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Ideal for places with large demand for hot beverages.

Is the K-fee GRANDE the ideal machine for me?
  • Ideal for multiple users: very simple operation
  • Ideal as a low-maintenance alternative to a bean-to-cup coffee machine
  • Ideal for offices, hotels and other busy places
  • Ideal for large cups up to 16 cm tall
  • Buy the water filter cartridge for K-fee Grande machines here
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