K-fee WAVE Capsule Coffee Machine


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All the basics with a top design
By choosing the K-fee WAVE, you can rely on an affordable all-round machine that will allow the whole family or a small office team to relax and enjoy the full range of K-fee drinks. Every day. The capsule machine fully delivers on all the basics that make the K-fee system so attractive. It has a button for espresso (and a height-adjustable cup tray, especially for espresso cups). At the same time, those who prefer a lungo or filter coffee can simply take their choice and press the button for a large cup. Cappuccino, latte macchiato, tea, chocolatte or chai latte? The right K-fee capsules are all that you need.

•    A bestseller that delivers on all the basics
•    Straightforward three-button operation (small/large cup, milk)
•    Warm-up time of around 15 seconds
•    Removable water tank (1 litre)
•    Additional drip tray for espresso cups
•    Lower brewing temperature for milk drinks
•    Automatic capsule ejection (up to ten capsules)
•    Automatic switch-off

A space-saving system
The K-fee WAVE is only 15 cm wide and 37.8 cm deep. This means you can easily find a place for it in the kitchen, office or meeting room. The milk capsules can be kept at room temperature, so you do not even need a refrigerator nearby to enjoy a wonderfully creamy cappuccino or latte macchiato – and there will be no more drama caused by opened milk cartons that go off too soon.