5 Tips for Providing the Best Refreshments Your Office Has Ever Seen

5 Tips for Providing the Best Refreshments Your Office Has Ever Seen

Jan 13, '20

It’s the simple things in life that can make work a little more enjoyable - especially when that simple thing is a tasty snack or a daily cup of coffee! Whether you run a hotel, a warehouse, or any type of office, providing snacks and beverages for your employees is a sure way to get on their good side. But how do you select the right refreshments for dozens of staff members? It can be a little tricky, but these five tips should help.


1.      Ensure There’s Something for Everyone

Does anyone have a food allergy or dietary restriction? Common ones may include dairy intolerances, wheat/gluten allergies, and sugar-free diets. Make sure you ask around and take those into account! You don’t have to make everything allergen-free, all the time. But it’s a good idea to try and make sure everyone has at least one option when you’re setting out snacks.


2.      Make It Easy to Grab and Go

The best snacks and refreshments won’t require much preparation – i.e. your staff won’t have to heat them up, and they can go unrefrigerated. Biscuits are a common workplace snack for this reason, particularly since they’re the perfect accompaniment to a steaming-hot beverage! Anything that’s individually-wrapped is a great idea, like small packs of biscuits, crisps or flapjacks.


3.      Take the Weather into Account

There are certain refreshments that people love no matter the weather. For example, people generally drink hot coffee and tea year-round. But there are other refreshments that are just more enjoyable at certain times of the year. It may not make sense to feed your employees yogurt parfaits in the winter, just like it doesn’t make sense to give them peppermint bark in the middle of summer. The best snack options aren’t season-specific. They can be enjoyed at any time!


4.      Consider the Ease (and Speed) of Eating on the Job

Items that come in small portions are ideal for the workplace because there won’t be much waste and they’re easy to consume. Individually-packaged items are best: for example, an individual pack of crisps or an energy bar. This way, employees can conveniently eat them on their breaks (or even at their desks, if that’s what they prefer) and get right back to work.


5.      Plan for the Cleanup

Certain snacks and refreshments require a lot of cleanup. If you need serving utensils or trays, someone will have to do the dishes, which creates lots of extra work. While this is OK for special occasions, it’s probably not a great option for the day-to-day refreshments you provide to your employees. Choose convenient snacks that require no cleanup aside from throwing away the wrapper. That’ll keep everyone happy – cleaning staff included!


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