5 Simple Ways to Keep Your Employees Happy

5 Simple Ways to Keep Your Employees Happy

Feb 3, '20

Employee retention is a vital part of running any business! Of course, promotions and raises are important, but there are many smaller ways to make the day-to-day lives of your staff more enjoyable. Here are five simple steps to improve the office atmosphere for your employees.


1.      Keep Them Caffeinated with a Steaming Cup of Tea or Coffee

Some people see tea and coffee as some of the simple pleasures in life. Others see them as a downright necessity! Firstly, caffeine adds a little more happiness to your employees’ day. Second, it helps keep their productivity high. Quality tea and coffee are staples at many happy, productive offices!

At Refresh Store, we offer a wide variety of coffee and tea choices that all your employees will love. When you always keep the office stocked with high-quality refreshments, your employees will have a little thing to look forward to at work. And even that little thing can make a big difference!


2.      Don’t Be Afraid to Make Jokes

There’s nothing worse than being the boss that your employees are scared of! You want your employees to respect you as their authority figure, but you also want them to feel comfortable around you. One easy way to do this is by not being afraid to crack a few jokes every now and then. A fun workplace is a good workplace.

Jokes should never be at the expense of any of your employees and, of course, they should be workplace appropriate. But as long as you adhere to those guidelines, some lighthearted conversation will help create a more positive work environment.


3.      Encourage Employees to Take Breaks

No one should be working for eight hours straight without breaks. It’s not actually as productive as it may seem. So, make sure that your employees have plenty of incentive to relax and take a refreshing break throughout the day.

Are your employees taking the full amount of breaks your workplace offers? If you haven’t seen them move from their desk all day, ask them about it. It’s probably time for them to get up and give their mind a break. Afterward, they’ll be fresher and more creative. And when you show concern for your employees, they will likely want to work harder and stay longer at your organization.


4.      Connect with Your Employees on a More Personal Level

It’s nice to have some separation between work life and personal life. But it’s even nicer when an employee’s boss shows interest in their personal life. Be careful not to be too invasive, but get to know your staff enough that they feel valued and cared about.

The easiest way to do this is often to learn about your employees’ or coworkers’ families, pets, and hobbies. Discuss a shared interest in football or ask how the grandkids are doing. It’s a great way to stay connected and improve everyone’s day at the office!


5.      Say “Thank You!”

This is one of the simplest things you can do as an employer or manager. It barely takes a second to say. Just because your employee might be doing something in their job description doesn’t mean they don’t deserve your thanks.

Take a moment to show your appreciation by thanking your employees, especially when they go above and beyond their usual job duties. This helps them feel appreciated. And that will make them want to work even harder!


Take Action!

Happy employees are loyal employees! None of these things take very much money or effort, but they can all make a big difference in the workplace. Start implementing them!

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