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The perfect gift for the home baristas!

The Gift Box Contents:

  • V60 02 size clear plastic coffee dripper with a scoop
  • 100 V60 02 size paper filters
  • 200g High Mountain Blend ground coffee roasted by Green Farm Coffee

Perfect for someone looking to hone their home barista skills and make 1-2 cups of delicious coffee at a time. The plastic V60 is by far superior to the other models in terms of heat retention which helps a huge amount when extracting well-brewed coffee.

The V60 is a simple to use coffee brewing method which brings out clean flavours and beautiful aromas into your cup.

The V60 name comes from the drippers design; the cone is V-shaped and has a 60-degree angle which means you get the best extraction through the hole in the bottom by adjusting the water flow.

The internal ribbed design supports the natural flow of water and stops your filters from getting stuck in the cone.

V60 02 size paper filters are included in the box.

High Mountain Blend is the original satisfyingly straightforward blend of Latin American coffees, its balanced smooth flavours make it enjoyable at any time of the day.

Tasting Notes: Orange, Rasin, Red Berries