Green Farm Coffee

Slow Roast Artisan Coffee

From chocolatey dark roasted espresso blends to fruity light specialty beans we slow roast all our coffees in-house.

Each small batch is lovingly roasted under the watchful eye of our master roaster who has many years experience in perfecting exceptional coffee blends and single origin roasts.

100% Ethically Sourced

At Green Farm Coffee we do our upmost to ensure that all of our coffees are sustainably sourced, and have the smallest environmental impact possible. To this end all of our house blends contain Rainforest Alliance certified coffees.

Small Batch,
Slow Roasted

Here at Green Farm Coffee we believe in roasting in small batches, as and when the coffee is need. By keeping our roast batches small, we are able to keep our quality high as well as ensuring the coffee remains as fresh as possible.

Best Quality

Coffee is an organic product and as such will vary slightly from season to season. In order to consistantly maintain a high quality we have various data logging points, control procedures and tests in place.

Always Fresh

By reducing the time taken for the beans to be cooled, de-stoned and sealed we are able to capture the aromas and flavours of our freshly roasted coffee in the bag and ensure they are not lost.