Bioguard Hygiene - Kofekleen Fresh Milk B2C M/C Sanitising Kit


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MILKLINE SOLUTION can be used across a whole spectrum of machines. This product is designed to be used manually or through a machine’s automatic cleaning system to prevent component blockage due to milk build up and to ensure a hygienic machine is maintained.

Our intensive focus on performance delivers a unique product providing the following significant benefits:

  • EASE OF USE — Product is supplied in easy to use sachets or dosing bottles ensuring that the correct amount of product is used on each clean, eliminating product wastage and incorrect cleaning regimes.
  • SUPERIOR CLEANING ACTION — Product is formulated to provide a superior cleaning action which results in higher levels of machine hygiene and reduced cleaning times compared to the more traditionally used products.
  • NON DAMAGING — Product is formulated to prevent the risk of corrosion to machine components, unlike the more traditionally used aggressive chemicals.
  • SAFE TO USE — The MILKLINE SOLUTION is classified as non-hazardous eliminating the risk of injury to operatives and customers should they come into contact with the product.
  • FOOD SAFE & NON TAINTING — Product contains a food safe and non tainting cleaning and disinfectant agent, making this safe to use on food contact components and surfaces such as machine steam wands, whipper bowls, drips trays, machine nozzles, work surfaces, etc.

Where to use

Bean to cup machines

When to use

Use daily in accordance with machine manufacturers cleaning procedure

How to use

Pour sachet contents or recommend dose into milk container and follow machine manufacturers cleaning instructions.

Pour sachet contents or recommended dose into jug with 1 litre of hot water. Put milk pipe into jug and follow machine manufacturers cleaning instructions