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Full bodied and rich with dark chocolate sweetness and a moreish finish.

Super easy and convenient to use coffee bags containing the Green Farm Coffee House Blend. Convenience in a cup - The simplest way to have fresh ground coffee. Use the same way as brewing a tea bag. 

Coffee origin: Sumatra, Brazil, India

  • Serving size 7.5g / each bag
  • Darker roast coffee
  • Strength of the coffee - 4/5
  • Individually wrapped for maximum freshness
  • Infuse in hot water for 3-5 minutes
  • Easy to use, mess free & convenient coffee bags
  • Great for home, office, camping, travelling, hotels

Green Farm Coffee Bags have been made from raw materials which are renewable and sustainable. The coffee bag material has successfully passed the European Norm EN13432 and can thus be described as biodegradable and compostable under controlled conditions.

Slow Roast Artisan Coffee

From chocolatey dark roasted espresso blends to fruity light specialty beans we slow roast all our coffees in-house. 

Each small batch is lovingly roasted under the watchful eye of our master roaster who has many years experience in perfecting exceptional coffee blends and single origin roasts.


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